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Update – September 23, 2009

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To quote an old song: “It’s a long, long road, with many a winding turn…” That sums up our lengthy negotiations for a first contract as we sat down nearly a year and one half ago. Our negotiation team wanted to provide you with an overview and then will update you on a regular basis after each negotiation session.

WHAT IS THE PROCESS? After we have completed negotiations and the agreement (contract) has been tentatively agreed to by you union negotiation team, a ratification meeting will be arranged for all members, who will vote to approve or reject the contract. Only members will be allowed to sit in on the meeting and vote, but cards will be available to sign prior to entering the meeting.

WHERE ARE WE NOW? We have tentatively agreement on many sections of the contract including:
• Non-discrimination
• Seniority provisions
• Probationary periods for new hires and promoted/transferred employees
• Union privileges such as bulletin boards, communication, officers and stewards
• Temporary assignments
• Promotions
• Late arrival
• Accumulation of annual leave, including holidays and sick leave during annual leave
• Paid holidays, including regular holidays, winter and spring recess
• Sick leave definition, use carry over and sick leave bank
• Personal leave
• Family medical leave
• Military leave: both short and long term
• Bereavement leave: personal, departmental and institutional
• Judicial, administrative, worker’s compensation and extended leaves
• Group health, life, disability, vision, prescription and dental plans package
• Tax sheltered annuities
• Union representation: local union officers and stewards, and Council
• Administrative leave during investigation
• Grievance time limits and method of delivery
• Personnel file access and awareness of documents
• Joint labor/management committee
• Health and safety
• Modified agency shop
• No strike/no lockout and enforcement

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? We will update you after our negotiation sessions of any new language that we have tentatively agreed. Toward the end of negotiations, economic issues will be discussed. Once negotiations are complete, we will set up ratification meetings (early morning, day and night shifts) for members to attend in order relay exactly what has been negotiated and answer any questions.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the negotiation team: Vernon Jones, Greg Jordan, Dorris Cochran, Jermaine James or Karla Grymes.

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